Welcome to Sandy Hook Elementary School,
Strasburg, Virginia

"Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be a Ram!"

5th Grade DARE Graduation

5th Grade DARE Graduation will be Friday 12/19 at 9 am in the gym.

5th Grade DARE Celebration at the bowling alley...

Hutson, Rager, McKee, and Ludwig will go to the bowling alley first. Their bus will depart from the school at 10:00 am. That group will leave the bowling alley at 12:15 and return to school around 12:40.

Ryles, Narcross, Smith, and Hobbs will leave on a bus to the bowling alley at 12:15 and depart the bowling alley at 2:15. This group will return to school right around 2:40.

2014-2015 Instructional Calendar

Our Mission at Sandy Hook Elementary School

The Mission of Sandy Hook Elementary School is to prepare each student for the future and for life long learning.

Our Philosophy at Sandy Hook Elementary School
We envision Sandy Hook Elementary as part of the larger community where all members of the learning communities will collaborate to provide quality educational programs which will enable all students to make continuous progress

Division-Wide Belief Statements

Great communities come from great schools; therefore, we believe.....

  • All decisions are based on the best interest of our students.
  • Meaningful learning occurs only in the presence of meaningful relationships.
  • Measures of success are unique and individualized for each learner.
  • Continuous growth and improvement is expected for everyone.
  • Problem solving is an essential skill.
  • An atmosphere of respect must exist.
  • The education of our children is an investment of time, labor, and resources in our future.   

What's Happening

A Message From Our Principal - Mrs. Robin Shrum