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I smell good!

Spring Google Doc by Mrs. Ashley

Scientists are smart!

Scientific Method Videos

Typing Practice

 Grade K-2


       Grade 3-5                  

1-Slime Letter Typing  


 A-Word Typing       

 2-Spider Typing 


  Asteroids & Space   

3-Typing with Music 


   Outer Space      

4- Alpha attack with Letters 


 Typing Attack with Words

  5-Music Typing


   Spiders & Sundaes

6- Cup stacking  



 7- Typing Adventure #1 


 Typing Monster (numbers)

  8-Typing Adventure #2 


 Speed Test

 9-Practice Home Row Keys HERE!


 Sandy Hook Typing Club

  10-Race to the Moon Part 1      






 www.code.org  and more coding  


Google Draw Fun!

Valentine'sDay Links for Home


A new SAFE search engine for students of all ages!


Kindergarten Links here

New Alphabet Site

Internet Safety Links

Hector's World Cartoons

Internet Safety Videos Used in Class last year!

For Home

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Christmas Portaportal!

Typing Progress HERE

Multiplayer Typing Race Here